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  • The Dream of Young

    and Old at Christmas.  

    On Christmas Eve, many families will have an electric car sitting under their Christmas tree... in remote-controlled toy format. Some families even have a real electric car parked in their garage. But to what extent are today’s electric cars suitable for daily use?

  • The Christmas tree is up and festively decorated in the living room. The golden yellow fairy lights on the green fir tree light up just as brightly as the children’s eyes. The lovingly wrapped presents are reflected off the shiny baubles on the tree. The aromas of fir, biscuits and gingerbread waft through the air. There’s no doubt about it: gift giving is as much a part of Christmas as the Star of Bethlehem. Christmas is no longer just a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ – it’s also a good time to spread joy.


    The remote-controlled electric car has been a much-loved classic children’s gift for decades. Adults who received this present as a child are now gifting fun toy cars to kids. And many a parent will have a great big smile on their face, as the dream toy from their childhood has become a reality: they drive an electric car.

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  • Well, not drive. Glide. 

    It’s true what they say: the best presents are the ones you give to yourself. Ultimately, the fact that electric cars cause less environmental pollution is not the only reason why they are so highly coveted. The driving experience is completely different and is often described as ‘floating’ or ‘gliding’. That’s all well and good. But the big question is: is the electric car really suitable for daily use? Is charging it, for example, really as easy as charging a toy car?

    Plug into the socket and the remote-controlled car charges as if by itself. 
    The Webasto Live makes it easy to charge your electric car at home.

    One look at the streets confirms it: electric cars are still the exception. But they are slowly increasing in number. Accessories such as the Webasto Live charging station, which can be installed in your underground or home garage, have found an elegant solution to the charging problem. Simply connect the cable to begin charging. It really is just as easy as charging the toy version.

  • More public charging stations, please!

    Electric cars can now manage long distances of more than 600 km (roughly 373 miles). To put this in perspective, that distance is the equivalent of driving from Berlin to Hamburg and back. But what if you wanted to drive the 600 km from Berlin to Munich? How easy is it to find public charging stations once you reach your destination? The German Federal Network Agency has the answer, as it runs the Charging Station Index for Germany. Translated into map format, the status quo in many federal states doesn’t look bad at all at first sight. When you zoom in on the charging stations, there are more than 2,200 in Bavaria, for example – not a bad number at all. If you consider the fact that Bavaria had around 1,680 filling stations in 2015 (and this number is in decline), then it’s a pretty good supply for electric car drivers. In Saxony-Anhalt, by contrast, there are just over 200 charging stations, which puts the brakes on the euphoria somewhat. We still have a long way to go. This is evidenced by the fact that there are currently around 14,000 public charging stations in Germany, despite the coalition agreement between the CDU/CSU and SPD aiming for at least 100,000 by 2020. Besides, rural areas are sparsely covered and tariffs are hardly transparent.

  • Suitable for daily use, not yet part of our daily life.  

    Overall, you could say that the opportunities for electric cars are greater and the issues smaller than many believe. Yes, the electric car is suitable for daily use. But it’s not yet part of our daily lives. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that we soon won’t just see the toy version of electric cars darting across the living room, but more of the full-size version whizzing through the streets and country roads.


    As a final note, we would like to wish you, dear reader, a Merry Christmas. We hope you enjoy the festive season with your loved ones – with or without an electric car. Ultimately, the most important thing you can recharge over the holidays is your internal batteries.

    We wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones. 
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