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  • Seven Tips for Your Vehicle 

    Seven Tips for Your Vehicle 

    What a total surprise, winter is suddenly upon us! Nobody could have predicted it, right?! We have compiled the best and most necessary tips to prepare you and your car for winter.

    Winter is coming. And it rarely comes alone, as its friends snow, ice and frost are never far behind. But drivers can keep calm and carry on if they make the following preparations.

  • Good winter tyres are indispensable in winter. 

    Tip #1: Get Winter Tyres. 

    Winter tyres aren’t just nice to have – they make a huge difference to road safety in rain, slush, snow and ice. To be on the safe side, it’s best to get them fitted in November. And if your winter tyres are more than 10 years old or they have a tread depth of less than 4 mm you’d be better off buying new ones and changing them two at a time. 

  • With the smart ThermoConnect App, the parking heater can be easily controlled while on the move. 

    Tip #2: Consider Investing in a Parking Heater.

    Don’t fancy scraping ice, demisting the windscreen or being cold? A parking heater can help to avoid all this. Start the ultra-efficient Webasto Thermo Top Evo parking heater via your smartphone app and get into a pleasantly warm car. This is easier on your nerves and your vehicle’s engine, too, by the way. And it can be retrofitted easily in almost any car.


  • Tip #3: Test the Lights.  

    Winter isn’t just cold, it’s dark. So make sure that all lights, including headlights, are set up and working properly.

  • Tip #4: Check the Battery.

    A weak car battery is often to blame for winter breakdowns. Check whether your battery has enough power for sub-zero temperatures.

  • The anti-freeze screen wash in the cooler should always be sufficiently filled. 

    Tip #5: Add Antifreeze Screen Wash to the Vehicle’s Windscreen Washer Fluid.

    Antifreeze screen wash prevents the water, pump and spray nozzles from freezing. And while you’re at it, check the wiper blades, too. We recommend replacing them if they leave streaks on the glass.

  • Door locks can be freed from ice with a universal spray. 

    Tip #6: Maintain Door Locks, Seals and Car Paint.

    Spray a general-purpose spray in the door locks so that they don’t freeze. Check whether the rubber seals on your door and boot can be treated with a rubber care product to prevent them from freezing. Polish and wax the car to protect the paint against wet and cold weather conditions.

  • Tip #7: Check the Engine Coolant.

    To prevent damage to the engine you need to check your engine coolant. While coolant is used to maintain the engine’s temperature all year round, most good quality coolants also have anti-freeze properties to keep it functioning in sub-zero temperatures. To check this, simply hold a test spindle into the coolant to determine the temperature. It should be below -20 °C, otherwise you need to add antifreeze. Also make sure the coolant is between the minimum and maximum markers on the side of the tank.

    All set? Excellent! We hope you have a pleasant journey, no matter what the winter weather throws at you.

    P.S.: If you are interested in installing a parking heater in your car, then look which installation partner near you can turn your car into a living room. 

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