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  • The Return of the Camping Holiday 

    Five reasons why everybody should go on a camping holiday at least once.

    The #vanlife hashtag has been one of 2019’s social media trends. You can now find more than five million images labelled with this hashtag. The themes are all very similar: romantic sunsets, breathtaking scenery and lovingly decorated caravans of all kinds. Living and travelling in a camper is once again bang on trend.

  • People have caught the travel bug. They want to try out van life for themselves. Become part of this adventurous community. Jump in the camper and drive right across Europe. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, into the caravan and off to enjoy some R&R. A kind of urban exodus in a mobile living room. Your kitchen, bathroom, dining room and bedroom are all right here with you. What more could you want? If comfort is a must, you can get a top-of-the-range van with leather seats and satellite TV. A mobile property and private space on four wheels – if you like the thought of this, a camping holiday on four wheels is definitely right for you. Van life is not just for novices. We have compiled five reasons why everybody should go on a camping holiday at least once in their lives.

  • Flexibility.  


    If you’re going on holiday in a camper van, you can be spontaneous with your choice of where and when. No need for lengthy planning or thought. It's the weekend – get in, drive away, switch off. Friday is for campers, too!

    Our Tip

    If solitude is your thing, a camping holiday in Scandinavia will be perfect for you. You don’t even need to study the weather forecast if your van has a built-in parking heater, as sudden changes in the weather will not pose a problem. But if it does get uncomfortable, you’re not tied to one place. You have a travelling hotel room, so you can visit other places whenever you like!

  • Eco-friendlier.  

    Even if most caravans on the road are diesel, the environmental impact of travelling by camper van is much less than if you were to fly. Even a hotel stay (17kg CO2) creates more pollutants than a night in a caravan (1.5kg CO2). At many campsites, sustainability is a priority: some of them use rainwater and solar panel water heaters or produce electricity using photovoltaics. Eco? Logical!

    Our Tip

    The ECOCAMPING European initiative offers support and guidance to campsites that champion  environmental protection and sustainability. There are just under 100 campsites with the Ecocamping seal in Germany alone.

    Camping: Eco? Logical! 
  • Family friendly.

    Camping holidays are for the whole family. 

    For most families, just travelling to their holiday destination can be a stressful experience. Long car drives or train journeys can soon get boring for the little ones. And if traffic is heavy, it can put people in a bad mood. But in a caravan, you can chill out with the kids when stuck in traffic. Snacks and drinks are within reach and children can draw or play cards at the table.

    Our Tip 

    In 2019, the Campingpark Kühlungsborn campsite in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was once again named one of three Superplätze (Super Campsites) in Germany by the German Automobile Association (ADAC) for its excellent ratings and broad range of family-friendly leisure activities.

  • Individuality.  

    Camping couldn’t be further from nondescript package holidays. Even the interior furnishings, design, comfort and convenience of the caravan can be configured to suit your needs. Your options are always open, especially when you’re on the road: any place that looks attractive and exciting can become your next destination.

    Our Tip  

    Park4night makes it easier to find remote and little-known places to stay. It’s available as a website or smartphone app (App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store).

    Each campsite offers a number of advantages - how about a place directly on the water? 
  • Better value for money. 

    Camping sites are usually cheaper than hotels. 

    The cost of your holiday at a campsite ultimately depends on your own needs. If, despite having a camper, you can’t be without a swimming pool, sauna and restaurants, you’ll no doubt pay more. Nevertheless, most campsites are generally cheaper than comparable hotels and boast good standards. If you choose not to stay at 5-star campsites, you won’t find better value for money on any other holiday.

    Our Tip 

    Prices for a pitch can vary dramatically from country to country. The standard fees in Eastern Europe are much less than the average price in Southern or Western Europe. Poland and Hungary offer lower-cost alternatives to Italy and France.

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