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  • Canadian Coast Guard boat in the sea

    Canadian Coast Guard Relies On Heating And Cooling Solutions From Webasto

    They are adventurers, hard workers, and helpers who have to rely on each other one hundred percent: the crews of the Canadian Coast Guard, and their resources, are constantly put to the test.

  • The Canadian Coast Guard saves the lives of 13 people every 24 hours — operating day or night, often in precarious weather situations. Then enormous waves literally swallow the ships, storms whip across the deck or the sun burns down relentlessly. These robust ships, with their distinctive Canadian red and white livery, patrol the waters in three oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. The ships and their crews must be prepared for different climatic characteristics, as at times they can be up to 100 nautical miles (about 185 km) from land. The temperature on the ships needs to be able to be closely regulated for the safety of the crew and to ensure people rescued are not in danger of becoming hypothermic or overheated before they are returned to land.

  • Special requirement for a climate solution in a confined space

    Ship from the Canadian Coast Guard in icy waters The Canadian Coast Guard has special requirements for its ships.

    When Canadian boat and ship builder Chantier Naval Forillon was awarded the contract to build ten new ships for the Canadian Coast Guard by 2023, the company was looking for a technical partner that could implement the Canadian Coast Guard's special requirements. “Chantier Naval Forillon was looking for a reliable, highly efficient and easy-to-use HVAC system with high heating capacity to equip the survivor cabin to prevent hypothermia,” explains Benjamin Perramant, Sales Manager OEM Marine, of Webasto USA.


    Together with engineers from Chantier Naval Forillon, the Webasto USA team developed a heating, cooling, and air conditioning system that perfectly matches the ship's dimensions and technical equipment. A central chiller unit provides cooling. However, the air-conditioning system of the BlueCool C series not only cools, it can also provide heat if required with the aid of reverse operation.

  • Heating and cooling in one system

    The special feature of the system is that one cabin can be heated electrically while another cabin is cooled. To prevent the air in the cabins from becoming too humid, the Webasto Instant Drain condensate management system is used. It ensures drip-free dehumidification of the air during cooling. To prevent rescue workers from freezing at the beginning of their long mission, a water heater from Webasto creates a pleasant warmth. This is important when rescued people come on board and need to be warmed up quickly.


    Storm at the canadian coast Harsh weather is a daily struggle for the Canadian Coast Guard.
    Crew of the ship builder Chantier Naval Forillon infront of their ship The ship builder Chantier Naval Forillon worked together with Webasto to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for the Canadian Coast Guard. 

    What were the particular technical challenges? Benjamin Perramant: “The various heating systems, such as the diesel fire heater, electric heaters, and engine recovery heat, had to interact in such a way that they could be activated and deactivated automatically based on different scenarios.” To accomplish this, Webasto worked closely with engineers and technicians from Chantier Naval Forillon and the Canadian Coast Guard. “We centralized the entire heating circuit system and integrated it into the Webasto air conditioning system,” explains Perramant.

    Jean-Daniel Minville, Technical Director at Chantier Naval Forillon, praised the collaboration: “I appreciate Webasto's approach to this project — from design to commissioning.”


    Chantier Naval Forillon has now equipped six ships with innovative technology from Webasto, with four more ships to follow soon. The crews on the new ships can look forward to cool heads and warm feet.

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