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  • The Convincing Parking Heater from Webasto

    Do you get annoyed every morning when you step into a freezing cold, clammy car, clean the fogged-up window, and the engine wakes up the entire neighbourhood with a metallic rattle? Then it's time for a parking heater that convinces everyone.

  • Every winter is the same: You know that parking heaters can be retrofitted easily. You also know the differences between the various parking heater systems. Even so, you couldn't bring yourself to take the last step.

    Retrofitting a parking heater in your car is like using a dishwasher for the first time: you don't know what you're missing — until it's there. And once you get used to the convenience and time savings, you never want to go back. It's the same with the Webasto parking heater: once you get into a warm car in the morning, you never want to go back to a rolling freezer. .

    Here are some good arguments on how to convince even the hardest of souls to retrofit their cars with a parking heater.

  • "We already have heated seats..."

    Father and son looking at vehicle heated up with webasto parking heater The Webasto parking heater provides heating for the entire vehicle interior - not just the steering wheel. 

    First case: You are enthusiastic about a parking heater. But your fellow decision-makers don't agree. Their reply: "But we have heated seats. Isn't that the same?"

    Seat heaters don't start until the ignition key is in the lock. Depending on the type of seat heater, it can take some time for the seat to warm up. But everything else in the car stays ice cold. Despite seat heating, you have to touch the steering wheel with gloves. Also, seat heaters are often only installed for the two front seats, while all other passengers shiver in the cold car. Another important difference: a seat heater never solves the problem of a foggy windshield.

  • "It's all too complicated for me..."

    Second case: Your fellow decision-makers don't want to deal with the retrofitting of a parking heater. Everything seems too complicated. If you have to deal with statements such as "I can hardly find an appointment for a tire change, how long does it take for such a complicated installation?"

    Your response: the parking heater can be installed after the cold season - it’s often cheaper then. If there are concerns the car will be out of action during the retrofit - it usually only takes a day - let them know many workshops also offer a replacement car for the duration of the installation.

  • "I'm not at all concerned with the technology..."

    Third case: You try to support your argument with technical performance data, but your fellow decision-makers have concerns for completely different reasons. For example: "My car gets warm anyway when I drive it, why should I burn extra fuel in the parking heater? That's not good for the environment!"

    In this case, facts help. The fuel consumption of a consumption-optimized parking heater from Webasto is only about 0.3l for half an hour of warm-up time. A preheated engine avoids cold starts and thus prevents wear. In addition, the driver experiences a significant gain in comfort and safety.

    Another argument for fellow decision-makers who are not convinced by the technical features is the improved driving safety. Statistically, most accidents in winter occur in the first 15 minutes after driving. The reasons for this are limited visibility and extended reaction times at low temperatures. The parking heater from Webasto offers more safety and more comfort on cold, wet days and in winter.

    Clear Windshield with the help of Webasto parking heater Clear windshields are an important safety feature that is achieved through parking heaters. 
  • "We don't need a parking heater!"

    Fourth case: you're dealing with "end-of-announcement" conversations. "We don't need a parking heater. Especially not in the city!" In this situation, patience and good timing are needed.

    Wait until the family leaves for the next skiing or sledding trip. Before the last run, walk to the car, drive to the nearest bakery, and buy warm cocoa, coffee and maybe a few croissants. Desirable side effect: the car is now warmed up. After a cold day on the slopes, your fellow decision-makers will be grateful for this. Now it's your time. Ask: Imagine if we could get into such a comfortably warm car every morning in the dark and drive off in a good mood.  Wouldn't retrofitting a parking heater be the best gift to start into a cold day?

  • Now, go and retrofit!

    The parking heater from Webasto is convincing. If you need more material for your arguments, check out our articles on parking heaters here in our Easy Way magazine or look for more suitable answers in the list of frequently asked questions.

    Once everyone is convinced, you can contact your local garage to discuss retrofitting a Webasto parking heater and make an appointment.

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