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    How Does Digital Technology Help in Day-to-Day Situations?

    The Digital Revolution is making fundamental changes to our world. And our way of life. How can the digital transformation make our daily lives easier? Easy Way magazine investigates this very question.

  • Man holds tomatoes in his hand Fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered directly to the front door.

    How would someone from the previous century feel, if they were to emerge from a time machine in today’s world? They would probably be both terrified and fascinated by our fast-paced, connected world. Back in the olden days, people used to live by the principle of ‘some things need time’. If they wanted to savour delicious red tomatoes, for example, they had to head to the market. These days, you can have fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to your door in no time at all (for example via Tesco). All it takes is a few clicks. Missed a TV programme? Not to worry, you can catch up at any time of day with BBC’s iplayer & co. In the mood for some shopping after closing time? Come on in! Online stores are open 24/7.

  • Man sitting in front of a laptop and writing on a folder Work, visits to the doctor, online seminars - everything is possible from your own four walls.

    Digitalisation is changing everything.

    Even the idea that you can’t be in two places at the same time isn’t quite true anymore. Zoom and Microsoft Teams have transformed the kitchen table into the conference table. We can stay at home and still go wherever we like. Even to the doctor. In the UK, eConsult has turned living rooms into waiting rooms with their online consultations. Grandma and Granddad can see the kids whenever they want on a WhatsApp video call. And online seminars are just as easy to do. The lecturer can sit on their terrace in Zurich, while the students are at home in Amsterdam, Prague and Lisbon. Tip: Udemy.com offers more than 100,000 courses.

    We learn about news as it breaks via the Internet. And we check in and see what’s new with our friends via social media. When old school friends get married, we find out when they upload their wedding snaps to Instagram... if not sooner. In the age of COVID-19, even activities such as viewing properties, buying a car or going on a first date can be done digitally via FaceTime.

  • House in the background, tablet in the foreground with smart home control Even your own home can be intelligently networked.

    The Internet of Things.  

    More and more everyday objects are being turned into digital assistants. They see (and hear) the world via sensors and exchange information via wireless connections. Your car’s sound system, for example, can retrieve your favourite songs from your smartphone in your jacket pocket. The wind sensors on the house front can tell the shutters in the living room that it’s probably best to take cover now. And the robotic lawnmower can zigzag across the grass while its owners eat lunch.“ Alexa, remind me of Tom’s birthday tomorrow,” is one example of how these assistants are getting smarter. They can turn on the coffee machine, dim the lights, play music, obtain information and control the heating. And they can now do more complicated tasks, too: “Alexa, stop playing the audio book in 30 minutes’ time”, “Alexa, what time does the [supermarket name] in [town or city] shut?” or “Alexa, translate ‘We’re going to Rome’ into Italian”.

  • Mann steuert seine Standheizung aus seinem Büro Auch bei den Autos nimmt die Digitalisierung einen wichtigen Platz ein. 

    New drive through digitalisation.

    The automotive developments in this field are particularly exciting. The car turns into a computer on four wheels. Assistance systems inform, navigate, keep us alert, warn and protect us. They predict traffic jams (e.g. Google Maps) and look for available parking spaces or a charging station nearby.

    Many apps are compatible with the countless digital assistants on the market. Productive manages our tasks, Bobby our subscriptions, Freeletics our fitness. Want to switch on the parking heater in your vehicle from your living room? Not a problem with ThermoConnect! There’s an app for pretty much everything these days. But there are some problems we’ll probably never be able to fix with Alexa, apps and the like. For example, despite the Digital Revolution, the day is still just 24 hours long.

    Tips: 5 assistants to try out.

    1. The WiFi AR app enables users to visualise the strength of nearby WiFi connections using augmented reality.
    2. Your smartphone can convert print-outs into PDF files with the ScanPro App.
    3. The Parkopedia app has information on 38 million parking spaces in 52 countries.
    4. Vinted brings together people who want to buy or sell second-hand clothes.
    5. The Seven – 7 Minute Workout app helps you to make exercise a part of your daily routine, even if you have little time to spare.
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