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  • How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather.

    Older people often feel the cold, especially in winter. You can either accept it with a sigh or do something about it. After all, there are plenty of ways to put an end to unpleasant shivers. Our author has tried some of them and written about his experiences.

  • The feeling crept up on me. First I blamed feeling chilly on the weather, then on my clothing. Then I cursed the heating in my home, which must have been working better in the past. But it gradually dawned on me: For goodness sake, Fred! The fact that you’re cold isn’t to do with your surroundings, it’s to do with you!

    With an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, I booked an appointment to see my doctor. “It’s nothing to worry about,” Dr Wittmann said in a reassuring tone. “As people get older, they feel the cold more. The layer of fatty tissue under the skin gets thinner and you experience muscle loss. It’s totally normal.” –
    “Oh right. OK. What can be done about it?” I asked. “You need to develop muscles,” he announced. “Exercise regularly to stimulate the circulation. Wear warm clothing. Eat well. Go to the sauna. In a nutshell, my recommendation is fitness and sauna.”

  • Left out in the cold – what now?

    The parking heater can be controlled using an app.

    Thoughts sped through my mind as I drove home. I had nothing against “eating well”, but I certainly couldn’t see myself going to a gym. After all, I was never going to transform into Rambo at my age. And sweating naked with others in a sauna was also out of the question – it made me feel uneasy.

    “You don’t have to do everything Dr Wittmann said,” my better half Sabine said to me cheerfully. “But you could get regular exercise, couldn’t you, Fred?”

  • Bruno and the parking heater

    Not even two weeks later, we were the proud owners of a dog and a parking heater for our car. This change did us good. Bruno, our new dog, made sure we got plenty of exercise out in the fresh air. And our parking heater helped us to keep the cold at bay. We would usually drive out to the forest, park the car and take Bruno for a walk. A few minutes before returning to the car, I would start the Webasto Thermo Top Evo parking heater on the mobile app. So the car was always cosy and warm when we got there. No more shaking and shivering, but immediate and cosy feel-good temperatures. How lovely! And easier to set up than you think.

    Almost all vehicles can be retrofitted with it effortlessly. The parking heater turned out to be helpful in two ways. We got something out of it, and so did our car. With a parking heater, the car is heated to operating temperature before the key is inserted in the ignition, which puts less strain on the engine. And it’s efficient as well: the fuel and energy consumption is so low that I barely even realise it.
    I also noticed that I now get fewer colds and I get sick less often. Whether that’s down to the parking heater or the walks, I can’t say. It’s probably a bit of both.

    Walking and the parking heater - the perfect match. 
  • Still feeling chilly?

    I’ll admit it: “eat well” was my favourite piece of advice to follow. After all, it’s doctor’s orders. Who am I to question the doctor? So Sabine and I cooked our way through an Italian cookbook and dined in a restaurant every now and then.

    Also an interesting heating: a good red wine.

    I also liked the idea of having a dog because Bruno needs to go out. There’s no convenient excuse to hide behind. He makes us go, whether we like it or not. And walking actually does get your circulation going.

    My dabbling with contrast bath therapy was more difficult. I didn’t get the idea from some kind of health magazine but from one of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels, which said 007 alternates between hot and cold water when he showers. To be honest, I can’t rival James Bond in this regard, either. My foray into the hot/cold adventure was a short one. Nevertheless, I stuck to my walks in the forest. They were fun.

    A few weeks later, I bumped into Dr Wittmann at the supermarket. “So, still feeling chilly?” he asked. “No, it’s a lot better,” I said. “What are you doing about it?” he asked with interest. “Fitness and sauna?” – “Nah, dog and parking heater,” I said with a wink.

  • My lessons learned.

    1. If you suddenly start feeling the cold as you get older, it’s probably not down to your heating – it’s to do with you.
    2. Exercise pays off. It boosts the circulation.
    3. If you can’t bring yourself to go for a walk, get yourself a dog. They’ll keep you on your toes!
    4. If you go for a winter walk in the woods, don’t freeze your backside off on the way back. I warmly recommend a parking heater – for many reasons. 
    5. The best recommendation a doctor can ever give is: eat well.
    6. Contrast bath therapy is amazing. But only if your name is James Bond.
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    • How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

      Older people often feel the cold, especially in winter. You can either accept it with a sigh or do something about it.

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