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    The courage to rethink, to move with the times - these are the challenges that drive us forward. In mobility in particular, we need innovations.
    Sustainable. Efficient. Ecological. Electromobility is a major step in the right direction. Go on a voyage of discovery and find out everything about the mobility of the future.

    Interview EV Driver

    Interview EV - Driver

    In theory, e-mobility sounds great, but how does it perform in real life? Are e-drivers able to demystify prejudices and offer some practical advice? To find out, Webasto has interviewed a driver of e-cars. Read about Stefan who became all “charged up” with e-mobility already as 19-year-old student of mechanical engineering, and helped getting it on the road…

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    Electric car is driving in the sunset

    Drawbacks of Electric Cars

    Electric cars are expensive, charge for a long time and you can't find any charging points when you are on the road, can you? We will give you an update on this...

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    Entry Into the Electric Era

    Plug-in hybrid systems act as a bridge combining the best of both worlds: the benefits of electromobility and the positive properties of a combustion engine. What exactly does that mean? 

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    Electric Car: Getting Through Winter

    Electric Car: Getting Through Winter

    In the dark and cold season, electric cars lose range because they have to use a lot of energy for lighting and heating.We have 5 tips to reduce the loss of range.

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    Ford and Webasto present the iconic Mustang sports car, now available as an all-electric vehicle

    900 Electric Horsepower? 

    Ford and Webasto are proud to present the iconic Mustang sports car, now available as an all-electric vehicle. The Mustang Lithium is an ultra-high-performance prototype.

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    Production of batteries for electric cars in a Webasto factory in Schierling Germany

    Environmental Impact of Batteries

    One argument against electric cars is the high water consumption in the extraction of lithium for the battery. Fact or prejudice?

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    Earlier electric cars in New York around 1920

    The Electric Car Exacts Its Revenge

    Electromobility is taking the world by storm. We decided to do some research into the history of electromobility.

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    Little boy unpacks a present from his father - a remote-controlled car.

    The Dream of Young and Old

    Some families have a real electric car parked in their garage. But to what extent are today’s electric cars suitable for daily use?

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    Sunrise in a metropolis

    Charging Station at Home

    Having a charging station at home makes things so much easier. Although when peace at home rests on everything working perfectly first time, things can get a bit tense.

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    A man walks up to his electric car, which is charging at a wallbox.

    A Wallbox in Your Own Home.

    Residents in Germany will soon be legally entitled to install a wallbox at home, no matter whether they’re a tenant or homeowner.

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    He charges his electric car with a Webasto wallbox and puts a plug in the tank.

    Wallbox vs. Household Plug 

    A wallbox for the electric car? What for? Some may think a bog-standard household plug socket will do for charging their car.

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