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  • North Cape Challenge

    The North Cape Challenge:

    The Adventure for a Good Cause.  

    Experience an exciting road trip from the Netherlands to the North Cape in Norway, a.k.a. the northernmost point in Europe. With the digital world riding shotgun, you can set the team challenges and support a good cause.

  • The North Cape Challenge was first held in 2011. It’s a challenge with a twist, as rather than just being along for the ride through ice and snow, participants are expected to bring in donations for charities.

    This year, Webasto is entering two colleagues – Pieter van Laarhoven and Jasper Fleur – as Team 115. Their 7,200 km journey from 6 to 18 December 2019 will raise money for the VaarKracht Foundation. The Dutch initiative offers sailing trips for people living with cancer enabling them to immerse themselves in the great outdoors to draw strength from the experience and forget about their worries.

  • The transporter was equipped with Webasto products - so the journey is immediately more comfortable. 
  • Your donation during the North Cape Challenge. 

    You can set your very own challenge for Pieter van Laarhoven and Jasper Fleur. For example, you can ask them to: drive your name in the snow; personally deliver your daughter’s Christmas wish list to Santa; or even do something totally different. The deal: if the duo manages to complete your challenge, you will make a donation to the foundation. Naturally, you are very welcome to donate, even if you haven’t set a challenge. But the challenges make the journey infinitely more exciting, also for people following via digital channels. You can watch the adventure unfold via a live webcam here we will keep you up-to-date via  Instagram and Facebook. We are already very excited and will continue to report on the North Cape Challenge via our online magazine Easy Way.

    Stay tuned!

  • The North Cape Challenge: Join us on a journey to the northernmost point of Europe and donate to a good cause. 
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    • The North Cape Challenge

      Experience an exciting road trip from the Netherlands to the North Cape in Norway, a.k.a. the northernmost point in Europe.

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