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    The Drawbacks of Electric Cars:
    Problems That Are All in the Past - Part 1

    If you compare the market shares of conventional and electric cars in Europe, petrol and diesel vehicles are still way ahead. Granted, electric cars have a market share of 45% in Norway and 13% in the Netherlands, but these are the exceptions to the rule. In Germany, for instance, just 2.8% of all vehicles are electric cars. This may be down to the fact that many drivers instantly think of the drawbacks – but these are either outdated or not as bad as people make out. Read on to learn more about these aspects.

  • 1. Costs: Are electric cars still more expensive than petrol or diesel models?

    Men standing in front of a wallbox with a charge card in his hand Use smart apps to easily compare different charging cards.

    The purchase prices for electric cars are still higher than the equivalent conventional vehicles, mainly because it is more expensive to make high-performance batteries. The good news is that governments and carmakers in some countries are providing more financial support than ever before to electric car purchasers.

    In Germany, for example, electric cars with a net list price of up to €40,000 may be eligible for an innovation premium of €9,000. This can be backdated for any vehicles registered on or after 4 June 2020 until 31 December 2021. The German coalition government has agreed on it; the European Commission is yet to approve it. 

    There are also tax incentives in Germany: Owners of electric cars registered this year will pay no tax on their vehicle for a 10-year period. Moreover, recharging gives electric cars a major advantage. If you refuel with electricity, you will make substantial savings in the long term compared to the cost of petrol and diesel. And these low costs will be even lower if you have your own solar power source. Another financial benefit is maintenance costs – electric cars are said to cost drivers 60% less in this regard. After all, electric cars have far fewer components that can break and there is no need to change the oil or perform emissions tests.

    Tip: You can select public charging stations and compare prices at chargeprice.app.


    Yes, purchase costs are higher. But in the long run you are financially better off with an electric car rather than a fuel-powered car.

  • 2. Charging time: Does an electric car really need the whole night to charge?

    When it comes to the drawbacks of electric cars, the long charging time is almost always at the top of the list. The time it takes to charge the vehicle depends on the charging station's or plug socket’s power, the battery’s capacity and the electric car’s charging technology. In other words, charging doesn’t necessarily take all night. A wallbox with a 22kW output can fully charge your electric car in 2 to 6 hours at home. By comparison, a conventional plug socket has a charging capacity of 2.3 kilowatts. So it will take between 8 hours (BMW i3) and 16 hours (e-Golf) to finish charging your car. Fast public charging points with anything from 50 kW to 350 kW and direct current can even do the job in 30 to 60 minutes. The Tesla Supercharger charging network, for instance, would take less than 30 minutes to charge at a capacity of 120 kW. 


    Charging is picking up speed and only takes up to 60 minutes at fast charging points.

    Family plays in the backyard while electric car is charging Enjoy time with the family and the electric car simply charges in the meantime.
  • 3. Charging network: Are there enough charging stations?

    Charging stations in public The public charging network is being expanded more and more.

    Behind this question lies the concern that an electric car will suddenly come to a halt and need to be towed. But this fear is unfounded. First of all, electric cars give their drivers plenty of warning when the battery is low. And secondly, the network of public charging stations has gained a lot of ground over the past few years. You can see how far things have progressed by looking at Germany.

    The Federal Network Agency has its own map of charging points. Tip: You can find public charging stations throughout Europe at plugsurfing.com. More and more charging stations are popping up all the time, for example at supermarkets, cinemas, swimming pools, hotels and workplaces. Some even offer free charging and charging with green energy.


    The charging network is getting denser and your satnav can direct you to your nearest station – it couldn’t be simpler.

  • We hope you have found this article interesting and have learned something new today. We will be answering more questions on electric cars in part 2, which will be published soon.

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