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  • Family sitting cozily at the breakfast table while their car is pre-heated thanks to their Webasto parking heater.

    My Family, My Parking Heater and Me

    What are the benefits of having a parking heater? Is it worth it in hot weather, too? Today we’re going to hear from a different kind of expert:
    a car.

  • Daydreams and Anticipiation

    What does a car actually do when it’s parked? Well, I can only speak for myself... but I like to daydream. What do I dream about? Things like the infamous winding roads of the San Bernardino Pass, which my family and I drove along two years ago on our holiday to Ticino, Switzerland. Left, right! Left, right! On green mountain roads in beautiful sunshine with bright blue skies.

    Every bend is an absolute delight here. My family usually only rides along with me on short journeys. To the office, to school, to the supermarket. Man, it’s so boring! That’s no life for a car! So I’m always all fired up for the weekend, when we go on exciting trips.

  • No Wait, Straight Out the Gate - With My Parking Heater

    I am literally hot to trot when the time finally comes. And “hot to trot” is a pretty apt way to describe it, as the temperature in my interior really does rise. This is all down to the parking heater that Tom starts on his ThermoConnect smartphone app when he’s still sat at the breakfast table and it’s cold and grim outside. I’m glad that my family are immediately cosy and warm with me and we can shoot off straight away. They used to have the laborious jobs of scraping the ice off my windows and ensuring they could see in all directions when the windows were fogged up. My windows are now completely clear thanks to the parking heater, which is great as my drivers Julia and Tom have a good view of the traffic. And the kids don’t have to wear their jackets, so my seatbelts fit that much better. A good feeling, even for me.

    Family man starting Webasto parking heater of his car with the ThermoConnect smartphone app Tom can use the app to start my Webasto parking heater from the comfort of the living room.
  • Smooth Start For My Engine - Not Only In Winter

    Father and son in front of their car which has been pre-heated by the Webasto parking heater.Come on, people! I’ve got places to be! Quick! Jump in and get going.

    These aren’t the only benefits of a parking heater – my Thermo Top Evo brings my engine up to operating temperature, meaning no more cold starts. It also protects my parts, so I end up feeling two or three years younger. What’s that? You think it shows? Oh, thank you very much!

    By the way: My heating helps in summer, too. At first Tom was a bit sceptical – he thought the parking heater would only really be useful in winter. But the truth of the matter is the parking heater feeds outdoor air into me in hot weather to cool me down. At the end of the day, I want my family to want to sit in me and not feel like they’re in an oven. – Oh, they’re all coming out of the house right now. We’re about to set off!

    Hurray! I’m really looking forward to this trip! Jump on in, you guys! Let’s get going!

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