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  • 6 essentials you need for every road trip.

    On the Road Again
    6 Essentials You Need for Every Road Trip.

    As soon as the sun goes down a bit later, people long to go on vacation. What stress-free and more spontaneous way to do so than to go on a road trip? All you need is to equip and decorate your mobile home according to your liking, and off you go! However, what exactly are the essential things you need while on the road? EasyWay by Webasto has collected 6 essentials everyone needs to pack for their road trip before driving off into the sunset…

  • 1. A playlist to get in the mood

    Couple drives laughing with the car and listens to music Music helps lifting the mood on long drives

    Nothing lifts the mood like some good music. It makes even the longest trip magically appear
    as short as a walk. Additionally, it keeps the driver awake and in a good mood. While one is happily singing along, the other passengers are being entertained, too. Instead of boring silence and nagging questions like “Are we there yet?” the only thing you hear is good vibrations. Depending on your companions’ singing skills, it means more or less fun for you.


    I. Classic Road Trip Songs 

    II. RoadTrip Music 2020

    III. Soundtrack your Ride - After answering a few questions, a playlist will be put together for you based on your musical preferences and the length of your trip.

  • 2. A parking heater for the right temperature

    Who hasn’t experienced this moment: it looks warm outside, but on your way back from an outdoor trip, it ends up getting much colder. Returning to an even colder van is not exactly
    what travellers look forward to. However, this problem is easily solved with the help of Webasto’s parking heater. The interior of the car heats itself quickly and effectively. You can already set the timer when you are on your way back to the van – this way, by the time you
    get to your van, it will have the temperature that you have set it to. This transforms the interior of your van into a warm and cosy living room on four wheels. After a long day outdoors, this
    is a place you will love returning to.

    Webasto Van parked in nature in front of mountain A van parked outside can cool down quickly. A parking heater comes in handy
  • 3. A light chain for the romantic touch

    Interior of the caravan made cosy by lights A romantic flair is created easily by putting up a light chain

    There is nothing more romantic than having your very own sky full of stars in your van.
    Putting up a light chain is an easy and quick way to achieve this. Consider that your chain
    has to be long enough to light up the whole van. The right kind of batteries (and some spare batteries in case the first ones run out) make sure that your stars never fade. The artificial sky also uses resources efficiently: it saves the energy of the van’s battery and offers a great light source, even without a generator. This is how easy you create a romantic atmosphere.

  • 4. A picnic blanket and pillows for cosiness 

    When the sun is shining, it is the best time to sit outside and recharge in the warm sun. Especially on a road trip, you easily find small, secret places which are worth taking a little
    break at. To make sure the break is a cosy one, it is essential to pack a picnic blanket and
    some pillows. Nicely arranged, they transform a plain field of grass into a small island of vacation. Serving some nice food on it is the cherry on the top.

    Couple sits on blanket in nature and enjoys picnic Taking a little break at a great spot is more comfortable with a picnic blanket
  • 5. A fridge for refreshments

    Woman brings her family cold drinks from caravan To enjoy an ice-cold drink, you will need a small refrigerator

    A toast to this view! It’s not important whether you enjoy the view from your van with a beer
    or a non-alcoholic drink, the only thing that matters during warm weather is that it is cool.
    To make sure your drinks aren’t lukewarm when you need a refreshment, a refrigerator is a must. While the parking heater ensures the van has a comfortable inside temperature when
    you return, the refrigerator ensures the perfect refreshment when outside temperatures rise. Additionally, it enables you to bring a wider range of food with you, which can easily be cooled. Thus, fruits for your picnic stay fresh and juicy.

  • 6. A solar power bank for energy

    Why do you go on a road trip in the first place? Usually, the answer would be to discover new places and to experience unforgettable moments. Some of these “wow”-moments just have to be captured in a picture for eternity. A sustainable way to ensure that your phone is always charged for such occasions is to bring a solar power bank with you. It recharges itself through the power of the sun and thus does not need the battery of the van to work. This way, you can recharge your phone at any time and at any place; there just has to be enough sunshine. It is important that the capacity of your power bank is big enough for you to charge your phone more than once. If all these aspects are met, your next photobook will be a hit for sure!

    A solar power bank at a picnic for quick charging A sustainable way of charging is having a solar power bank run by the sun
  • I

    f you consider all these 6 essentials for your road trip, your adventure will surely be a success.
    EasyWay by Webasto wishes you a safe and fun trip and many memorable moments on the
    road again.

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    home, a tent, or on a sailing boat, and look forward to discovering the world again!


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