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  • Insider tip for autumn – a short trip to Slovenia

    Insider Tip for Autumn – a Short Trip to Slovenia

    The smaller things in life sadly get too little attention. The same is true of small countries and Slovenia is a prime example. It is located on the overland route from Germany to Croatia and therefore known to many only as a transit country. But Slovenia has much to offer, and is perfect to explore on a short break. The Webasto team therefore set out to spend a few days in the country of 2 million to reveal Slovenia as a real insider tip. And thanks to the right heating, the tip is also good for a visit in autumn.

  • Clear lakes, clear views

    The light blue Jasna Lake sparkles like a crystal as we make the first stop on our road trip. "Jasna" is a popular female first name in the Slavic area, and derives from jasno, meaning "clear, sharp". It's fitting that you can also see right to the bottom of the lake giving us a shop-window to the underwater world below. Above water, the white pebbles on the beach crunch under our feet as we lay out our plaid picnic blanket and lie down with a contented sigh. Taking a break can be so nice!

    Ibex statue in front of a lake and green mountains The Jasna Lake offers a great opportunity to picnic on the clear water.
  • Where Slovenia gets close to heaven

    Stone towers on the mountain pass Come closer to the sky on the Triglav and enjoy the idyll.

    After our refreshments in the idyllic surroundings, we set off for the Vršič pass, Slovenia's highest mountain pass. A quietness comes over the group as we get out of the van. The view of the rugged, snow-covered Mount Triglav, majestically perched in the midst of fir forests, leaves us in a venerable silence. To the Slovenes, it is a holy mountain. It translates as "The Three-Headed One". At an altitude of almost 3,000 metres (9,395 ft), the "Three-Headed One" is also the one that gets closest to the skies.

  • Déjà-vu in the roar of the Soča valley

    Our route then takes us from the lofty heights of Triglav down into the valley – and a familiar one too. Only last year an author among our group, with his beloved kayak, took to the turbulent white waters of the Soča river. You can read more about his sporting adventure here. We didn't have a kayak with us, but the Soča valley has a lot to offer even for less daring travellers. Hiking along the river is a great way to enjoy the scenery as water cascades around rocks and gushes down mini waterfalls. This spectacle of nature's power is definitely worth a detour.

    Kayaker in white water Into the pleasure - with or without kayak. A visit to the Soča valley is very worthwhile.
  • Good Night at the national park

    Wooden bridge over river in national park Enjoy the quiet night at the edge of the national park.

    Glancing up towards the already sinking sun tells us that it's now time to seek a place to sleep. Bovec, just 12 kilometres away, seems to be a good option. Who wouldn't like to slumber on the edge of a national park? The van is warm and quiet inside. The air heater from Webasto has a silencer to make it practically soundless. As the sun's last rays light up the tops of the dark green fir trees, we can watch in comfort with not a sound to distract us from the scene. A panorama that definitely has the material for sweet dreams.

  • Picturesque images at Lake Bled

    In the morning, the aroma of coffee fills the van, marking the start of a new day of travel through Slovenia. As we set off, our home is comfortably warm while outside wafts of mist hang in the trees. It's impossible not to get a taste for lakes while in Slovenia, so the famous town of Bled is at the top of our itinerary today. Beguilingly perfect like a mirror, Lake Bled reflects nature 1:1. Only a "pletna", a traditional wooden boat, disrupts the effect as it makes tiny ripples across the water. Motorisation is not permitted here. Strong arms and a standing oar provide a traditional route across the lake. You don't have to go all the way to Venice to experience a ride similar to a gondola.

    Clear lake against a mountain backdrop Start the day with a coffee in the van and a view of the lake before the mountains.
  • Bled Island – 99 steps to fulfilling your desires

    Small island with a church rises out of the lake in the middle of overgrown mountains. The popular wedding island "Blejski Otok" in the middle of the lake.

    The boat's destination is Slovenia's only island, the Blejski Otok, like the icing on the cake in the middle of the lake. On this small patch of land, significant finds from the early and late Middle Ages have been excavated. Perhaps not something you would expect at first sight. Rising from a thicket of trees is the church of St. Mary, with 99 steps leading up to it. According to legend, every visitor may ring a bell at the top to fulfil a wish. The small island is also very popular for weddings. But Slovenian custom states the groom must carry his bride all the way to the top before the couple can say yes to each other. In Bled, hard work is required to get your wishes fulfilled.

  • A short journey through time in Bled Castle

    One and a half to two hours is sufficient to walk around the picturesque lake. A medieval castle including a drawbridge invites us to take a brief journey into the past, where we explore the museum and enjoy beautiful views over the lake from the restaurant. No wonder that great statesmen once chose this place as their summer residence. On the way back, we use an app to switch on the parking heater, so when we return from our walk, the van has warmed up as if by magic, bringing smiles of satisfaction to our faces. The chilly weather at the onset of autumn presents no problem for us.

    Couple walks over the bridge in the park towards the castle Enjoy the feeling of the past during an autumn walk at the Blederburg.
  • Local specialty: Bled cream slice KremšnitaLocal specialty: Bled cream slice "Kremšnita"

    Culinary Tip

    To delight your palate as well as your eyes, we recommend Bled cream slices ("Kremšnita"). The delicacy is known nationwide and consists of two layers of puff pastry filled with layers of vanilla egg custard and cream. The icing sugar on top makes it a particularly delicious dessert.

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    • Autumn Insider Tip – Short Trip to Slovenia

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