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  • Why It’s Smart to Have a Parking Heater in Your Vehicle.

    When you get into your vehicle in winter, you want the interior to feel like your living room, not your fridge. This is the most obvious reason why it’s worth considering investing in a parking heater – but there are many more. Here we explore why it’s good to have a parking heater. And the reasons may surprise you.

  • Winter tightens its cold, hard grip on the weather. A frosty wind pushes against the umbrella as a young couple run to their vehicle. Leaves hurtle through the air. Plump drops of rain pound against the umbrella. The couple can see their breath as condensed clouds – it’s that cold. They bothget in the vehicle and breathe a sigh of relief. Ahhh! We made it. In the past they would be greeted with an icy chill, but today it’s cosy and warm. And where they would once be looking at an icy wind shield, they now have full visibility. Where there would once be a grimace on their lips, there is now a smile. The couple know what it’s like to have a vehicle with and without a parking heater, as the parking heater was not built into the vehicle when the bought it – they upgraded it later on. This is nothing special – almost all vehicles can be upgraded with ease. And now the two of them can just get in and drive off. No more annoying de-icing, no more shivering in the vehicle and no fogged windscreen. Heat makes so many things so much simpler.

  • Warmer and safer. 

    The parking heater makes the journey safer - especially for your kids. 

    The vehicle’s parking heater makes the journey safer and more comfortable from the moment you get in. Rather than being a tiny peephole scratched into the windscreen, the driver’s field of vision is completely clear. And the seatbelt is positioned closer to the body because a jacket is not needed at this feel-good temperature. So it tightens around you more quickly if an incident occurs. This is a genuine bonus, especially when it comes to your children’s safety.

    And the vehicle benefits, too: The Webasto Thermo Top Evo parking heater heats the engine to operating temperature before you set off. This cuts out the cold start, causing less wear and tear on the engine. With a warm engine, less CO2 will be emitted and less fuel consumed when starting. The parking heater itself boasts low fuel and power consumption. After all, what is the point of having the best heating system if the fuel tank is empty?

  • All is remotely in hand.

    Did we mention you already have the parking heater’s remote control at hand? You can control it anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Simply open the app in your toasty living room and make your vehicle just as cosy at the touch of a button. The display also shows users helpful information. For example, the current temperature in the vehicle and the battery’s charge. The pre-set function is also smart: users can easily set individual or repeated heating cycles.

    So you see, winter will get locked out when you have an efficient and reliable Webasto parking heater on board. So you’ll be warm when you getin and safer on the road, while the engine is better protected and emits less CO2 when started. Bon voyage

    The parking heater can be conveniently controlled using our app.
  • Hot tip: getting a parking heater is so easy

    1. Click on standheizung.de
    2. Select a certified Webasto installation specialist and request a quote.
    3. Book your vehicle in and have the parking heater installed by an expert.


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