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  • Snowmobile Adventure in Sweden

    Snowmobile Adventure in Sweden. 

    Sweden is so much more than just Stockholm, blondes and IKEA. It’s also known for extreme sport, nature and adventure! Our writer reports on his experiences when snowmobiling for a week.

  • Day 1. Two ‘ölen’ in Jormvattnet.

    The alarm wakes me up at 6 am for my trip. I’m flying from Munich to Copenhagen, then to Stockholm and finally to Östersund. Is that my final destination? No, not at all. A VW Camper will pick up the six of us and our guide and saunter along glacial roads into the Swedish outback for another 4.5 hours.

    It’s pitch-black at 7 pm when we reach Jormvattnet, a village with a population of 80. Now all we need is two ‘ölen’ (Swedish for beers) and some Kötbullar, the traditional meatballs – and we’re living the Swedish dream!


    Day 2. The Iceland horses lifesaver. 

    After breakfast, we get our gear on. “Hop on, start the sled and go!” shouts the guide. A sled? It’s a 300 kg monster of a snowmobile! I push the starter button and play with the throttle… Woah, there’s some power behind that! I barely manage to stop the vehicle from ploughing into the nearby paddock. Those Icelandic horses owe me one.

    As complete newbies, we judder around a bend at 8 km/h (5 mph) – a bend that even an ice road truck could manage with ease. This is harder than it looks. How embarrassing! Nevertheless, after an hour our guide tells us we’re ready for the first tour. Let's go! The ride with the snowmobile monster is exciting and a lot of fun - even though we haven't yet mastered the device properly and have to take a little detour on the way. The first exit is fun. But admittedly: I thought it’d be easier than this. From my baby toe right up to my ear lobes, my whole body aches.

    This Icelandic horses owe us one. This Icelandic horses owe us one.
  • Day 3. Riding over a bathroom mirror.  

    The beautiful lake landscape of Sweden.  The beautiful lake landscape of Sweden. 

    Today is our first lake crossing. It rained overnight, so there’s a film of water resting on the ice. It looks like I’m about to ride over my bathroom mirror - and that at 70 to 90 km/h. We finish earlier today, as the weather is not exactly brilliant and the complaints of aches and pains have been racking up since breakfast.

  • Day 4. Off to the tepee!  

    We are greeted with glorious sunshine this morning. We ride up the Klumpliklumpen, a mountain by Swedish standards. At the top, a phenomenal panoramic vista awaits. As do icy-cold winds. We then ride across Jämtland County to our host’s summer residence (where it was anything but summertime): a tepee above a small lake on the Norwegian border. We need to be especially careful at the Norwegian border, as snowmobiles are banned in the country. A violation would incur a €10,000 fine and the vehicle would be confiscated. Once settled in the tepee, we build a fire and our guide begins to cook.

    Short break in the sun just below the Klumpiklumpen.  Short break in the sun just below the Klumpiklumpen. 
  • Day 5. Thank you, strict drink driving laws. 

    Today the sun can only be seen briefly.  Today the sun can only be seen briefly. 

    A mixture of mist, rain, snow and icy-cold temperatures. We only take a short trip. Back at our accommodation, we are greeted with cosy warmth. Three cheers for the Webasto air heater! And the icing on the cake: there are hot dogs for everyone. I glance at my watch and notice it’s 1:30 pm, the perfect time for a quick öl. This way, I’ve also got a legitimate excuse for this afternoon: the strict drink driving laws mean that, sadly, I can’t drive the snowmobile today. What a shame! Off to bed I go. It’s Netflix and a nap for me.

  • Day 6. Hurrah! A happy ending thanks to fresh snow. 

    Yessss! Fresh snow has fallen! Snowmobiling on fresh snow is a completely different ball game – in this moment, I don’t ever want to get off. I blast my way from peak to peak with a permanent grin on my face. Fantastic. What a way to end this trip!

    For dinner, our host welcomes us in to his Viking hut, which he built himself, for barbecued reindeer in a wonderfully rustic atmosphere. We spend the evening sitting around the indoor campfire. Our snowmobile trip comes to an end. But the memories will stay with me forever. And the sore muscles, too, for now.

    Sled and fresh snow - a whole new feeling. Sled and fresh snow - a whole new feeling.
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