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    At Webasto, we want to help you find ways to support local restaurants, cafés and bars and enjoy yourself in times of coronavirus.

  • What’s going to happen to the Italian restaurant around the corner? Or the small café down the street – the one that makes that delicious coffee? The variety of major chains and small, independent gems is usually what makes a place so exciting. Fortunately, necessity is the mother of creativity, and some of these establishments are doing deliveries – either by opening for takeaway only or delivering to your door in vehicles or on bikes with trailers. Here are a few tips on how to help these small businesses survive and create unique lockdown memories from the comfort of your own home. So enjoy and do good today!

  • Aperitif and pizza - Italy on the patio 

    Under the shade of the cypress trees in Tuscany or sat by Lake Garda with an Aperol Spritz in your hand… were you planning to head off to Italy on your next holiday? Rather than being upset at a cancelled trip, you could bring the Italian break home with you! Why not call the Italian restaurant around the corner and order your favourite pizza? Lay the table with nice big plates and large glasses. Some pizzerias are also delivering drinks such as Aperol Spritz. And if the weather is nice, you could even make yourself cosy on your patio, put on a straw hat and enjoy a cool drink.

     Our Tip

    Play some Italian music to create the perfect ambiance. A staycation has surely never tasted so good – buon appetito!

    Pizza and vino on the balcony. Italian food can also be enjoyed in the garden or on the balcony.
  • Come share the wine with a Greek-themed evening

    Woman stands in a white dress at the pool with a beautiful view of the sea. You can only dream of the beautiful view at the moment - but Greek food, wine and ouzo are also available at home.

    Towards the end of his life, Bing Crosby recorded Come Share the Wine, a song about the land of white houses and blue roofs.  If your local Greek restaurant is open for takeaways, we recommend enjoying the culinary delicacies and getting all nostalgic with this classic tune at home. You could order a mezze platter with stuffed vine leaves and warm garlic bread straight from the grill. Clink glasses with a small glass of Ouzo as an aperitif to really feel like a Greek. We’re sure the restaurant would be delighted, too!

    Our Tip

    To add even more atmosphere to the meal, create a Greek theme such as ‘only wear white’ to make it feel like summer. And if you drink enough Ouzo, it will make dancing the sirtaki seem much easier.

  • Coffee, cake and chit-chat 

    The connoisseurs among you will definitely be missing one place in particular: the small, independent café. Not just because of their absolutely sensational coffee. There’s a reason the coffee house has a long-standing tradition in Vienna: friends and relatives meet and talk about anything and everything over a cup of java. Thankfully you can still get intellectual indulgence to go: some small cafés are delivering the ground coffee they use, so you can make your own at home. To make it an extra-special occasion get your favourite cups and saucers out of the cupboard.

    Our Tip

    See if you can order some home-made cake to go with it. After all, coffee is best paired with sweet treats. What better way to give your afternoon Zoom chat a very special feel.

    Nice breakfast on the balcony in the sun. Breakfast as well as coffee and cake can also be enjoyed on the balcony.
  • Pub crawl trough your own home

    Cocktails on a beautiful wooden plate. A few tasty drinks in your own home - self-mixed or from the bar next door.


    Evening social events – including going for after-work drinks or celebrating with exotic cocktails or your favourite tipple – are also on hold for the time being. There is, however, a fun alternative that probably wouldn’t even exist without the coronavirus: a pub crawl through your home! The concept is simple: instead of going from bar to bar, you go from room to room. You could have a mojito in the bathroom and a beer in the kitchen, for example.

    You could also support local businesses here: small alcohol retailers sometimes sell beer from a microbrewery that you won’t find elsewhere on the drinks market. Some bars will even mix the cocktails of your choice and deliver them to your door.

    Our Tip

    Map out your pub crawl beforehand and decide which drink to have where. To make it even more exciting, you could have a different genre of music playing in each room. The best things about a pub crawl at home are 1) saving yourself the headache of finding your way home and 2) the last port of call can be your bed.

    Easy Way magazine hopes you have fun with your good deeds! :) 

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