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  • Family with two children goes on vacation

    Replace Boredom with Fun:

    Traveling with Kids. 

    Traveling on vacation with children can quickly become a hassle. But how do you organize the trip so that it becomes a pleasure? Are there any fun games besides tablets and mobile phones? What do you do to stave off boredom? We have a few tips.

  • Family with kids in the car Have an amusing and entertaining car ride with fun games. 

    Spending time together in the car, bus or train can be annoying and get on everyone's nerves – or it can be a lot of fun and bring you closer as a family. We have collected a few game ideas that will make time fly by and develop your children's skills – without any electronics. So, screens off and brains on.

    game 1

    Thinking ahead together: the word chain game. 

    This game is best suited for children of primary school age who already know how words are put together. First of all, decide in which order players will take their turn. Then it's time to start. The first player comes up with a term made up of two words. For example: bunk bed, child seat, car journey, guest room, rest area or steering wheel. Now the next player takes the term and forms a new one where the second word is now the first. So for example bunk bed becomes bedroom. And so on. You keep going until no one can think of a new term. Then a new round begins.

    Alternative: Choose a category like animals, fruit or even first names. Following the alphabet, each player has to name a word starting with that letter, for example Ant – Bear – Chameleon – Dog - Eagle...

  • Game ideas for traveling with kids. 

    Game 2

    The travel classic: City-Country-River.

    The players write the categories city, country and river on a sheet of paper. The game begins with the leader saying any letter of the alphabet. For example 'M'. Now the players have to find words in the three categories that begin with this letter as quickly as possible. For M, for example, this could be Memphis for city, Mexico for country and Mississippi for river. Whoever finishes first shouts "Stop!" loudly and the counting begins. For each correct word that no one else has, you get 10 points. For correct solutions that others have also written down, you get 5 points. Whoever has the most points at the end wins!


    Game 3

    Coloring, discovering, puzzling: on a great journey with Feelix.

    Feelix is a sweet dog with whom the kids can experience great things in a coloring book. For example, sledding in the mountains, boating on the sea and driving an electric car in the countryside. So, sharpen those crayons and get stuck in! Feelix, the Webasto mascot, and his coloring book are waiting for you here as a free download.

    Girl and Boy are sitting together in the trunk Keep your kids entertained during small breaks with our suggestions for fun games. 
  • Fun makes the journey shorter.  

    Kids and their mom in the car in nature. Reach your destination even faster with games and good spirits. 

    gAME 4

    Red, yellow, blue: the car color game. 

    This game is perfect for car journeys and can be played with the whole family or alone. Here's how it works: Simply write down colors on a sheet of paper and then use a tally to count how many cars of each color you see on your journey. What color car is the most common? You will find out with this game!


    GAME 5

    Question instead of answers: "Don't answer!"

    We are used to answering questions. This game, however, is about thinking and not answering. First of all, decide in which order players will take their turn. The first player starts by asking the next player a question. For example: "Where are we going on holiday?". The other player is not allowed to answer, but must now also think of a question. For example: "What language do they speak in Italy?" Whoever answers a question by mistake has lost and the game starts again. Give it a try, it's not as easy as you might think!


    We hope these tips will help you and your families to make your trip really fun. Hopefully at the end it won't be "Are we there yet?", but "Oh, we're here already, what a shame!" Have fun and a good journey.

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