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    Going for Goldbears! The Webasto Family Olympics.

    Were you looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics? Are you disappointed the major sporting event has had to be pushed back a year due to the coronavirus pandemic? Chin up! We have put together a few fun indoor disciplines for you and your family to recreate the spirit of the Olympics at home.

  • First discipline: the cleaning cloth jump

    Place a microfibre cloth – the one you use to clean the car is perfect, if not a kitchen towel will also do – on the floor and stand on one of the shorter ends. Bend forward and hold the opposite end of the towel with both hands. Focus, sports fanatics! Jump up high and flip the towel as fast as you can beneath you so that you land as elegantly as possible on the flipped towel.

    Alpine ski racer Felix Neureuther shows you how it’s done here. The first one to do it three times in a row gets to take the Bronze spot on the winners’ podium. The first one to do the jump four times in a row gets Silver. And if you can accomplish this feat five times in a row, you get to jump for joy on Gold.

    You can find further inspiration on the YouTube channel of Felix Neureuther. 

  • Second discipline: Olympic tic tac toe

    For this one your family needs to get into two teams that will be competing against each other. Mark out a playing field of 3 x 3 squares on the floor. Two players sprint, with a towel in their team’s colour, to the markings and place their towel in one of the empty squares. This is a relay race, so the current player needs to tap in the next player, who then runs to the playing field to place the next towel. The first team to get three towels in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins gold. It’s a fast-paced sport, as you will see in this video.

  • Third discipline: the 100-metre obstacle course

    Your home will now be transformed into an obstacle course. Design your own route, then fire your makeshift starting pistol and time each athlete’s go. For example, you could slalom from the front door, through the hallway to the living room, run around the floor lamp once and race back to the kitchen. Who’s the fastest? Who can do the circuit without tripping over the obstacles? Tip: don’t be too much of a daredevil when creating the course. The risk of injury should be kept to a minimum here.

  • Fourth discipline: Olympic egg-and-spoon race

    If you want to, you can reuse the obstacle course from the third discipline to take this race up a notch. Go back into your two teams. In each team, one athlete balances an egg on a spoon. Half-way through the course, the athlete hands the egg over to a waiting team member. If the egg falls to the floor, that team needs to go back to the start and do it all again. The fastest team can dash straight to the winners’ podium.

  • Did you do all four disciplines? Fantastic! It’s now time for the victory ceremony. Feel free to sing along to your national anthem but try not to get too emotional during this highly charged moment. Your gold medal could be a pack of Haribo Goldbears. Chocolate in silver foil is a great prize for the runner-up. And the Bronze medal could take the form of a round chocolate biscuit. So now it’s down to you: go for Goldbears, play fair and have fun!

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